Cut Down Service

Cut Down Service offers alteration for window blinds and shades. Resize or relocate your window covering.

We have all the tools of the trade to be able to cut down Blinds, Shades and Verticals.

When getting new windows in your home sometimes changes the dimentions and the need to cut down the window covering to fit the new window is more cost effective then replaceing. Or if they are discontinued and you have multiple in the same room. There are many reasons to need a window covering resized.
We also do the cut down and shorten on those miss measured window coverings.

Leave the difficult work to us!

  • Cut downs for incorrectly measured window blinds and shades
  • Cut downs or resizing of custom window shades, blinds or Vertical Blinds
  • Relocating expensive window treatments to new locations
  • Switching the control position
  • Blinds and Verticals

    Blinds and Verticals are the most common cut downs we do.
    We have speacial slat cutters to cut our own slats, and shorten as needed.

    Vertical head reals come in alot as customers would like to re purpose the window covering to another window.

    We offer this service to the following product: Micro-mini blinds, Mini blinds, Wood blinds, Vertical Blinds, Horizontal Blinds.


    When it comes to shortening Shades, there is no easy way. We have speacial cutting tools to cut the fabric of any pleated, single cell, double cell and day darkening.

    You wont even tell it was altered.

    We offer this service to the following product: Roller Shades, Bamboo rollup, Cellular Shades, Honey Comb Shades, Crystal Pleat, Pleated Shades, Skylights and Cordless Shades.

    We do not cut down: Accordian Shade, Luminette Shade, Silhouette® Window Shadings, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Nantucket™ Window Shadings or Vertiglide

    Getting new windows installed?

    Are the same window coverings going to fit?

    If not are you going to Cut-Down or replace?

    • Cut Down Price: Start at $35.00
    • New Blinds: Start at $175.00
    • New Shades: Start at $200.00
    • New Verticals: Start at $225.00
    • Installs: start at $65.00


    I cannot guarantee any cut down. There is always a possibility that the blind would be cut to the wrong size, or the material could be damaged when taking the blind apart.
    Please be advised that most manufacture warranties are invalid if the window covering is altered from its original production specifications (i.e. cut down, resize, shortened, etc.) by anyone other than the original fabricator.